The Camper

Recently me and my Fiancé purchased a 1970 Spac(?) camper for $350.00. It seemed in alright shape. The lights worked, the brakes worked. The electrical system seemed to be working. There was a slight wobble in the floor as you stepped in and the bumper needed to be de-wasped. But other than that an awesome camper for being as old as my mom.

The thought for this thing is to be our home. Or at least be able to sleep and eat in it. I can still use my mother’s house to take a shower seeing as it would be quiet a nasty job to hook it up to the septic tank. So we opted out of that and said that it was okay as a bedroom separate from the house. But that’s a for now fix. The later thought was to take it to the State Fair, and when we found a piece of property we could live in the camper while we built a house. That way we can be on our property and not have to travel back and forth to make sure everything is okay.

While when we got it home a couple days ago I noticed that one of the ceiling seems had come off and was leaking wet dark wood. UH OH! I knew it needed to have a few things fixed but was unsure on how dense the rebuilding needed to go. Well today my Fiancé and I dove into investigating. And what we found was not exactly what we wanted to see. A couple sections of the frame need to be rebuilt with new wood to replace the wet and rotted out pieces. The roof and tin exterior needs to be plugged and searched for more holes. So while we’re tearing the small part apart, why not go and remodel the whole thing?

So we have decided that it needs new curtain rods and curtains, new cushions, new carpet and linoleum flooring, and basically update the existing frame to seem more modern. It’ll be a long haul, and it’ll take longer to fix than we initially wanted but in the end I think it will be exactly what we want. And be well worth the total investment.